Encens Magazine

Published twice a year since 2002, ENCENS is focused on fashion as artform from the perspective of designers rather than trends. The magazine investigate new forms of dressing from past to present with probing interviews, extensive use of photography and vintage, and dynamic layout.

Issue 29

Mary McFadden' - What about the uniform ? I think it’s the easiest thing in the world to put on, at least every four weeks, the same thing, to feel comfortable in it, and to have no decisions to make every morning. You do that, Calvin. I do it. My grandfather had one hundred grey suits and one hundred of the same tie and never made a decision. I mean, I think it’s a fascinating other way of looking at dressing : you’re comfortable and you don’t think about it. I wear more or less the same dress every day. I have absolutely no problem.

'Calvin Klein' - I think comfort is really important - because everyone is so busy doing things, working or moving or accomplishing something that comfort relates in fashion to all of that. But I don’t know about uniforms. That word scares me. That sounds like computers and numbers. I don’t have the time either, but I still have a sense of myself, and I don’t like things packaged for me. I don’t want to call a store and say send me a room of furniture. And I don’t want to wear the same clothes that everyone else wears because I just need something on my back. I still have a sense of individuality’.

Mary McFadden in conversation with Calvin Klein, 1978


Design: Vincent Tavano

Build: Adrien Picard