Encens Magazine

Published twice a year since 2002, ENCENS is focused on fashion as artform from the perspective of designers rather than trends. The magazine investigate new forms of dressing from past to present with probing interviews, extensive use of photography and vintage, and dynamic layout.

Issue 26

One always has the same two incessant questions in mind, though they are never clearly asked, and always kept in a state of mystery: ‘why you?’, followed by ‘why this fascination?’ One expects – despite lapses of memory, the anecdotes, the asides – to find oneself submerged behind the scenes of the pages of a magazine, thrust at the heart of all that sparked it off, how an unknown is chosen and made a name, a raison d’être, a figure, a legend. Obviously, there is no answer to all of that, even if it appears self-evident that one cannot just improvise a personal history. It must be woven with an iron discipline, without letting go of the need to reiterate time and time again what it is that sets one apart, whatever the cost. When interviewed, everyone has their own list of twelve rules. Namely, something which prevails throughout the decades. A moral and aesthetic dissidence which is often still intact, as well as the charismatic gift of creating a desire to follow in one’s tracks.


Design: Vincent Tavano

Build: Adrien Picard