AGNES B / ENCENS N°23 – 2011

photo-4‘I wanted an alternative. Starting from the observation that certain types of clothing exist – such as work clothes – with no other purpose than to be convenient and comfortable to wear. I said to myself ‘these clothes weren’t made in a day, over time many anonymous people have made necessary adjustments : why shouldn’t I try to improve them as well ?’ I took everything that I love, white shirts, t-shirts, jackets, trench coats, and I tried to imperceptibely revitalize their proportions. It was totally anti-fashion, to such an extent that we would see women enter the shop wearing parrot coloured trousers and a red scarf, but who would leave wearing grey, a beige scarf and a denim blue waiter’s jacket, as if they have been cleansed of all the diktats in vogue’.