photo 1‘Fashion is a profession that requires resistance. You can be the sun king one day, and spat out like a foreign body from the machine the next. Me, what saved me, were the people I met. I’ve always thought that was the best school. And when I didn’t know people, I went and knocked the doors. Malcolm McLaren became friend from the day I went to go and see him in his shop in London, where he sold tee-shirt covered in chicken bones. I immediately got the impression that we were part of the same family, him and his recycling from dustbins, and me with my floor cloth garments. Three days after we met, he was on my doorstep with his belongings, ready to move in for two days or two months. I was living in a completely empty 200 square meters apartment. He sat on the floor, unscrewed a bottle of Scotch, and studied the room, then said : ‘there’s enough room here for a Dolls concert’.